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Air Compressors

A 64mm gauge is installed for easy reading of outlet air pressure and temperature, replacement of parts such as separator and oil filter is easy because the cabinet may easily be disassembled and assembled, and major units may easily be managed.

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Vacum Pump

The QSVB series vacuum pumps weigh in on performance on the same scale as the QSVI series. Rugged and efficient, these vacuum pumps fit perfectly in smaller applications that require lower volume flows but also require the long-life characteristics of Quincy rotary screw vacuum pumps.

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Oil Less Screw

Quincy oil-free compressors can provide the high-quality, contaminant-free air that is essential in critical environments. They’re also designed to comply with the ISO 8573.1 Class Zero standard while delivering superior performance and world-class efficiency.

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Energy Saving Equipment

Flow Master reduces the pressure at the demand side to stable low pressure and reduces the leak of compressed air resulting in energy saving by about 20

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Air Cleaning System

Smooth operation at pressure-fall to low level and high load. Use of environment-friendly coolant, R134a. High-efficiency heat exchanger with minimum cooling volume. Measures and reliability for various conditions. Unique heat storage for energy saving in various loaded operation .

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Genuine Quincy parts

Quincy Compressor has produced reliable genuine parts and accessories of all the Quincy products as well as the manufacture of compressors since 1920 and intends to continue the supply of genuine parts and accessories so that you may trust the Quincy products.

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