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  • We help selecting the right compressor
  • Selecting suitable location for your compressor
  • compressor installation and air distribution piping
  • compressor start-up
  • compressor repair, over hauling
  • provide annual maintainance contract
  • Diesel pile hammer overhauling, Start-up, operation supervision
  • We provide diffrent annual maintainance contract according to your companies requiremnets.
  • Ray oms provides AMC customers annual maintainances reports, special discounts on spare parts and standby spare parts on priority in an event of major breakdown.
  • An amc reduces producation losses and relievs our customers from maintaining spare parts inventory.
  • Ray Oms takes special care of compressors which eliminates our customer from hiring a technician.
  • Benifits of AMC

    1)Consistent good performance of compressor
    2)Better availabilty of compressor means peace of mind for the user
    3)Saving in energy cosumption
    4)Avoiding unexpected breakdown
    5)Reduction in energy cost and compressor running expenses

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