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About Us

Ray Offshore & Marine Supply was established in 2002 with license contract by Quincy compressor. Quincy Compressors have leading position in manufacturing of screw air compressors, reciprocating air compressor and vacuum pump. Excellence of products and skills of Quincy have been proven by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and this allows us to offer 10 year warranty service to our customers for the first time in the industry.

With international concern of environmental pollution, we decided to extend product line to gas compressor that enables to recycle bio gas from disposal plants and landfills. As well, we kept researching and developing in production of Flow Master and inverter type compressors in order to meet customers need of saving cost by using energy efficiently. Both items are essential energy saver and certainly required to minimize energy loss in compressed air system.

Our vision is to become and remain a leading enterprise that makes major contribution to the development of national industries while we provide excellent products and service to our valuable customers.

Performance You Demand. Reliability You Trust.

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